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Crested Butte Psychiatry
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Online Treatment Options


Elizabeth Rademacher

I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner fostering care across the life span fully licensed in Colorado, Florida, and Oregon. I provide initial evaluation and ongoing management of psychiatric medications, supportive counseling, health education, ketamine evaluations, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy. I believe in treating the whole mind, body, and spirit. I attended the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program at Maryville University where I completed my clinical residency in various settings which included inpatient, outpatient, and observations of ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

While some clients may feel they only need assistance managing their medication(s), I feel that it is vital to provide support structuring lives in a manageable way that allows us to treat the root cause of presenting or underlying symptoms. We will work together developing a treatment plan that we are both comfortable with. I believe strong relationships are the key to a successful healing process. I want to truly get to know you so I may provide optimal health care. This is why my appointments are longer than those typically offered by other mental health providers. I am currently seeing all clients via telehealth.  

***I currently have openings for all services within the next 2-3 weeks***



Ideal for first time clients needing a psychiatric evaluation for possible psychiatric medication or continuation of existing psychiatric medications


Ketamine Evaluations

Ideal for clients who would like to participate in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with their therapist who offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy services


Ideal for clients who have treatment-resistant depression, have unresolved trauma that is causing anxiety/depression/irritability, no longer want to be on medication for their anxiety/depression, or do not want to be on medication for their anxiety/depression and would like to instead heal inward with ketamine which will treat their anxiety/depression/trauma without needing daily medication.

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