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Elizabeth Rademacher

I am originally a Michigan native who prefers to claim Colorado as my native-home-at-heart as this is where I developed my love for the outdoors and all of the beauty that is within. Colorado has been nothing but kind to me since I arrived in Gunnison roughly 5 years ago. This state has shown me how curative the outdoors can be and all of the beauty that comes from being open and vulnerable in allowing natural healing light in. I have met some of the most incredible humans along my journey into the outdoor lifestyle of backpacking, trailing running, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. While everything was shut down during the pandemic, I needed a healing outlet to cope with the extreme stress of managing a small Emergency Department in Gunnison, Colorado, which led me towards my discovery of extreme love for the outdoors with each day that progressed. Through darkness there is light, and through this humbling experience that the pandemic brought all of us, I would not be where I am today without all of the highs and lows that presented. Life must be hard at times because if it was easy all of the time, how would we know what we are searching for? 

In my first year at Maryville University, I developed a deep interest in psychedelic medicine and its healing powers.  I continued to venture upon this curiosity throughout school as I participated in various clinical residencies that performed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, which eventually developed into a passion for me. I continued my training within the ketamine space after school until I was able to incorporate it into my practice in an effort to heal deep-seeded traumatic wounds of others. During this time, I also began to heal my own wounds with deep trauma healing from the help of very skilled therapists. It is my hope that I can also help as many others heal in a similar fashion in order to live joyful lives to their fullest potential. 

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